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Medical care should not end after one appointment. We take the time to follow up with you in the days following to effectively monitor your progress and address any questions you have, what to expect as you heal, or discuss any potential complications. Lakeview Immediate Care delivers its comprehensive services from the patient perspective. Doing so determines our course of action, from diagnosis to recovery.

This commitment to you, the patient, continues throughout your journey to wellness. It includes those cases where a medical condition is urgent but not life-threatening or long-term. And it extends to include any administrative responsibilities required in the event that you need a specialist or if you proceed to your primary care physician so that your ongoing care is seamless and without hassle. Regardless the diagnosis, every patient is important ó we treat each patient like we would want our own loved ones to be treated.

Comprehensive care requires thorough dedication to each and every one of our patients but we believe that itís the most effective and appropriate approach to quality health care. Thatís why we offer convenient hours and at a location thatís easily accessible, both by CTA train and bus and by car with an adjacent garage with free parking. Lakeview Immediate Care is open every day of the year, on every holiday, and offers extended hours.

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1645 A W School St
Chicago, IL
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(773) 227-3669
(773) 227-3669
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