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"The moment I saw her for the first time, I knew that I didn't want to forget a second of her life. I was overwhelmed with the urge to freeze in time each fleeting moment." -Corlis Gray. A year later Corlis took his first job working as an assistant photographer for a respected photography studio in Chicago. This is where his love for weddings flourished. "There's just something about the emotion and excitement of the day. A day that only happens once, moments that only happen once, and I get to be the lucky guy to capture and share it with amazing people!" Corlis has a unique style, incorporating a blend of photojournalism, editorial, and lifestyle photography. His approach is both fun and enthusiastic. Corlis resides in Downers Grove, IL with his beautiful wife and 4 children. Corlis is a man of faith who strives to exude courage, faith, and generosity throughout his business and personal life.
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1013 Maple Ave. Ste. 2
Downers Grove, IL
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Testimonial #1
“Booking Corlis as our wedding photographer was the easiest and best decision we made in the planning process. Once we met him we had no doubt that he was the photographer for us. His confidence in his work and expertise on how to handle us crazy organized brides was very reassuring! One of the best things for me was how quick he responded to all emails and calls. I can’t tell you how many vendors didn’t respond to us for weeks! Once the wedding day came along he gave great direction and was able to organize the chaos with ease. Our pictures turned out fantastic.

They were above and beyond any of my expectations! He caught so many amazing moments throughout the day, and the way he captured them is what truly sets him apart from your run-of-the-mill wedding photographer. It was also great that we received out pictures right when we got back from our honeymoon. Bottom line is it was a breeze working with Corlis. His work is amazing and you will not be disappointed! I absolutely love our photos and am so grateful to Corlis for capturing our day! I would recommend him again and again!”
ByTaylor & Tom
Testimonial #2
“I had seen Corlis Gray’s work from my cousin’s wedding and as soon as I was engaged, I didn’t speak with anyone else but him!! His photos are unique, artful, but extremely natural. We were able to meet with Corlis about a month before our wedding for a quick engagement session… with our 2 boxers!! He had no problems guiding our country dogs around Downer’s Grove and we ended up with absolutely beautiful photographs of the four of us (and within DAYS of our session!!). Hours before our wedding ceremony was complete chaos with family members and vendors preparing for the ceremony and reception and magically Corlis managed to capture every sentimental moment between all the crazy and without anything being staged! He let everything happen so naturally and I never even realized he was around.

I was a little nervous about the session with John and I immediately following the ceremony because John has zero patience for pictures (which I informed Corlis of), but he let us completely be ourselves and just followed us around. Some of my favorites are the ones I didn’t even realize he was taking!! John even had it in him to take our large family pictures (each of our parents are one of 5 or more)!! Corlis organized and directed the family pictures faster than I could even say cheese!! And they’re all AMAZING!! I can’t say enough good things about Corlis Gray!! I enjoyed every second of our wedding day and he captured it all!!! And as with our engagement session, I had an online preview within days and all of our CD’s by the following week!!!! You can’t go wrong using Corlis!!”
ByAmy & John
Testimonial #3
“Once I was engaged, I talked to many different photographers, but Corlis Gray stood out from the other photographers. He arranged my photo package specifically to my predetermined budget and wedding day schedule. It was so refreshing to find a realistic, not to mention skilled, photographer that practices the idea that every wedding, whether details or budget, is different. Every wedding is special and unique to that particular bride so why do other photographer’s have generic packages that the bride has to alter to whether it is budget or details? Corlis is different than the rest. He catered to my needs both budget and details for my special day.

During the day, he took charge of the group pictures to make them as efficient as possible. Corlis took away potential stress on my important day by guiding and directing when needed with group pictures or time-pressed shots and yet blended in the background during memorable times like the ceremony and special moments at the reception. Lastly and most importantly, Corlis takes the best wedding pictures I have ever seen. When I got them back, I felt like I could have easily seen the same photos in a wedding magazine. His angles in the photos, use of lighting, and enhancements make the photos look so AMAZING!!! They are the best pictures I have (as wedding day pictures should be!!), and I was able to keep to my original budget. What more could a bride ask for? I definitely recommend him!!!”
ByJeanette & Chris
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